Spring in the air… but mud is also still there…

Oh yes, I’m a real citygirl! That means we have no garden! But don’t pity me, oh no, we have a human’s park where dogs are allowed (on the leash 😦 ) and we have a big dog park. In Antwerp are a lot of dogparks, but ours is one of the best, of course! 😉

So, you understand, when we go out and play in the sand or the mud, we have durty feet! 😉 So we are thaught to clean our feet! Grandpa Lennox and me, we are real citizens who go in the house with clean feet. 🙂

Paws, Kita, paws, you silly girl! You have paws, humans have feet!

Okay, okay, grandpa! So we clean our feet at the front door! Mum made pics and a film because lot of her friends always ask how she manages with muddy bandits without garden and so on! For a real gentleman and a real lady, there is no problem! 😉
Just watch!!!


    As soon as I read the last line, I shouted out, “PAW PLUNGER! IAN, KITA, IAN PAW PLUNGER LOOK!” This got his attention really quick. Love the music choice. Quite the city lady.

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