How high?… That high!

Very often, when my mum shows pics of me and my tree, I mean: of me in my tree… Well, than people ask: and how high is that? How high is she, the lovely Kita?
I like the part when they call me lovely! 🙂

So me and mum decided to make some pictures that show clearly how high is high. I surely pity we did not do the fototoot before the cracking of my tree, which is a crack willow. Now I can’t go that high anymore. Mum is happy about that! 😦

So, early in the morning, when there is only the two of us in the dogpark, we tried several times to make “selfies”. Don’t know what that is, but I need a lot of patience then! Have to climb in the tree, which is fun 🙂 … have to stay there: fun too 🙂 … have to look at mum when there are other things to see: no fun! 😦

Mum is not tall at all… (1,54 m = 60,7 inches, Google says). But when she stands near the tree and I’m in the tree, well I could step on her head, I’m above my mum… 😉
Pics will show you a bit! I think we’ll have to ask grandpa Lennox to make the pics (mum disagrees firmly, as often!)… surely would be much clearer than this selfie-thing… but for the time being: have a look! 😉

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