Newsflash!… Moby Dick is moving!

Since a long time mum is complaining about the little house of Moby Dick… And she is right! His house is much and much smaller than my little house (when it is open and not folded to go somewhere…).

Moby Dick is about 8 years old now. When he came to live with grandpa Lennox and mum and dad, he was very, very tiny. Grandpa says: couldn’t see him swim in his house! He was not 3 centimeters long. (Google says: 1,1 inches). Now he measures about 14 centimeters = 5,5 inches (difficult to measure correctly, mum says!). His house is far to small! He once jumped out! 😦
But we have no place to put a bigger house for him! 😦  So first, mum was thinking about bringing him to their friends little pond in their garden. But grandpa en me explained very clearly he would miss the humans around!

And then, at sudden, there was the nice guy of the park-party! This human guy is the son of mum’s colleague! And he wants a pet, for years and years, but he is allergic to pets. His doctor said he could have a Moby Dick! The guy was pleased about that. His mum was telling that to my mum, accidently… And my mum had a great idea… You can guess???

Yes! Moby Dick is moving to this caring and loving human guy! The guy  buys a big house for Moby Dick (he is saving all his pocket money for it!), he has lots of space for it! And we? We can go and visit! 🙂 All’s well that ends well! 😉

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