Today?… Not good at all!

Last night… at 4 o’clock, me was making bizar noices and I was whining too. So mum got out of bed and came downstairs. We went outside for a while, but I did not pee nor did I poop. Mum said I was acting a bit silly and bizar. And everybody went back to bed. I did not want to go in my bed, I lay down beside my bed. Mum said I was acting very strange.

This morning I did not eat, really noting, I was standing in the kitchen, tail between my legs, head down… not eating, not drinking. When mum said: dogpark… up went my tail and off we went to the dogpark. Big pee, big poop. No friends, no play… But no run neither! Mum found it strange.
Back in: I did not eat, standing there as before, with trembling legs, then laying down… mum went to work, dad stayed home. I slept all day…

Mum came home… I did eat a bit but still acted very, very strange… Mum called the vet. Appointment 2 hours later.

You know what? Mum said I acted like a child with a toothache! When the child enters at the dentist’s, the tooth does not hurt anymore and the child wants to get out! I disagree firmly… I went in at the vet’s with pleasure, did not want to get out! Tail wagging, acting normal! Vet did not find anything special, althougd he did a lot of amusing and not amusing things! He said it must have passed. He still gave me a syringe, to be sure… On top of that: the scale… I gained two kilos (Google says: 4.4 pounds)

I went for a walk with mum, not far this evening… and now I’m sleeping again, laying next to mum’s chair. She says I ask for pity… after my ‘performance’ at the vet’s, it’s a bit strange, she thinks… She says: it’s not “to be or not to be, that’s the question”!!! The question really is: “to be ill or not to be ill?” Hopefully the vet is right and tomorrow is a better day…

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