Teacher Kita in a fototoot… Theme? Crack willows

Mum says that I can use the tv-typing-machine… She has a few hollidays, it’s carnival these days… She does not like that. I mean she does not like carnival but she likes the holidays coming with them. Wouldn’t you??

So I decided to try to answer the questions about my tree! My tree is a crack willow (Salix fragilis). The name explains it already. Grandpa Lennox explained it to me, in his younger days he learned Latin, I learn English! He says fragilis means: breaks easily. I see, he means: cracks easily, I suppose. That’s why my tree is not an ordinary willow, but a crack willow. Branches crack: they make nice noices while cracking. And then, they grow further. That’s why the tree is so big and has two parts!!

The crack willow in our dogpark is a very nice example. He was honoured by the townhall-people and he became a real monument in Antwerp. It is even indicated! And the city-nature-workers take care of my tree. I showed you once!

I asked my mum to make a lot of pics and she even found a film (a very long one, but it’s weekend…) of me in the crack willow… which makes her afraid every time she sees it. I don’t know why… euh, or maybe I do… it was before my tree did “crack” and was still very high…
Enjoy the pics and film (after the pics). I asked mum to add the explanations I found on the tv-typing-machine: my dogness, there’s a lot to find on that thing!


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