Me?… Always giving assistance!

This airedale lady is a very good assistant, yes, I really am! You can ask my mum, she’ll confirm. Yesterday, for instance…

Mum likes to crochet, when she has the time, of course. She is making a bedcover now. That’s not the first one, she already made seven others! But finally she started one for their own bed. Kind of smart, I think…

She already made some parts and she wanted to see the result. First some sewing and ironing. Grandpa and me were very good helpers as the pics show you! 🙂 It took some time… the time of a nice nap! 😉

Then we went upstairs to see the effect on the bed. I know I’m not allowed in the bedroom, and as a lady should, I waited by the door. And then I forgot for a moment that I’m a lady, I was just curious… as pic shows…
Yes, mum, it will be nice and it matches with the curtains! 😉

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