Not one!… Two! Two ladies Van ’t Asbroek!

Some days, my mum is really stupid, really: more stupid is not possible! Most stupid of all mums! Hear this!!!

Mum and dad had a very good idea: to see if I was alright after my bizar illness, they took grandpa and me at the beach! No, that’s not a stupid idea, that’s smart! I admit that.
So, we are on the beach in the morning! Something incredible happens! We meet a dad with anothere airedale lady! Imagine! This airedale lady is Jara! She comes from ’t Asbroek too! Appears we are family! Her dad is Desmond! And Desmond is my grandpa, my real grandpa! So, that makes Jara my aunt. She is four years old. So these two ladies Van ’t Asbroek were playing at the beach!

Mum, mum, take the blinking thing and make pics for the friends! WHAT? You don’t have the blinking thing? And the black speaking box? NOTHING?
For the first time in my life, I meet an other airedale lady on the beach and my very stupid mum forgets the blinking thing! Is this stupid or is this not stupid?

In the afternoon we go again for a walk on the beach. Mum, don’t forget the blinking thing! Okay? Check! There we go! I saw her, mum didn’t. I started pulling on the leash! Mum, please, don’t be angry! Look! Look! There is Jara!

So we have pics! We only have pics: my stupid mum forgot to upload the battery… so battery was too low to film…

However: enjoy the pics! We played for quite a while! And afterwards… I was very tired….


  1. Oh how lovely you have made a new friend Kita. We hope you can meet her again soon.
    answering your question….
    St David is the Patron Saint of Wales. St David’s Day is 1st March. That was why us Welshie’s were wearing our Welsh bandanas.

    The Patron Saint of England is George.
    The Patron Saint of Scotland is St Andrew and the
    Patron Saint of Ireland is St Patrick. St Patrick’s Day is 17th March.

    Molly, Taffy, Monty and Winnie xxxx

    • Yes, I like making new friends!! 🙂 Hope it too but we don’t go that often at the seaside…
      Thank you very much for the answer to my question… So I understand why you were wearing this beautiful bandanas! Here we only know St. Patrick’s day… That’s because lot of Irish people live in Antwerp. They have several pubs here too!
      But no Welsh pubs for you, guys, that’s a pity, isn’t it??? 😦 Well, and even no English pubs for your mum and dad… 😉
      Big hugs, Kita

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