This is Antwerp too… and meet little Tom!

When mum has a few holidays, we do all kinds of things. We went to the seaside few days ago (have still stories to tell about that!) and today we took the tram! YES!! And where did we go? We stayed in Antwerp, Yes, we did! 🙂 We went to the left bank of river Scheldt: Linkeroever. There’s a part of Antwerp too! A part with big buildings (see pics 12 and 15) but also…

There is that huge playground, where dogs are tolerated off the leash. It is not a dogpark with a fence, but it is huge and we, doggies, may off the leash. I had a nice time, really! Especially for the Silent Wednesday-gang, I have some news! I met a Welsh gentleman, called Tom! Ohlala, he is quite a guy! We played a lot! But he thinks he is bigger than he is… he had a stick, and not a little one… just see the pics (11)! Well, guys, I asked him about St. David’s day. He never heard of it, so I did explain to him! Now he is a real Welshie, I think!!!

And then, I played hide and seek with mum! At a certain moment I lost her! I really worried… what if she fell in the water? Or what if she does not know anymore the way back. So I looked for her… there she was, behind the bushes… pfff, should watch her more closely before she does stupid things!

I went in the water – not far of course, and mum tried to fototoot me… but, she took dad’s blinking box and … well, you should really look for me on some pics (23 and 24)… 😦 They are not all as the were meant to be… 😦 … that’s what I think about this fototoot. 😉

  1. Kita, Welsh Terriers have attitude! They think they are bigger than us Airedales and Taffy is always trying to boss me and Monty around..
    Well done for telling Tom all about St David’s Day. Hopefully he will remember on the 1st March next year and celebrate being a Welsh gentleman. How old is Tom? Did you ask him?
    Love all your photos. 🙂
    Molly. xx

    • Hey Molly, Tom is 4 years old. His parents aren’t very young people, they think they’ll die before him and they are already worried. They told their age to mum, but I did not understand but my mum said that they should not panic, yhe’ll live long enough, she said. I think that too!!! He was a character but he was quite friendly to me, being a lady… that’s what his dad said. his dad was very pleased we got along with each other and he asked to come more often to play with Tom! I say yes, I really do! 🙂 Hugs, Kita

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