Citylady… goes in the bush too!

Dear Bracken (and Teazle),

Well, I do not have the habit to write to friends, I’m too busy for that. But sometimes, I make an exception!

Mum often shows me pictures of you and Teazle going after the bunnies! That is fun! And then, there was that time that your sissie Teazle stayed away…And your mum and dad needed you, didn’t they…? Having a little sister can be difficult, isn’t it?

There are times we, that means only I nowadays, we can run after bunnies in the wild too. About 1 km of our home there is this big place! In a part of it, only doggies can go, humans cannot go, they are too big! 😉 Hahaha. One day, more than a year ago, the française (Lizzie, my sissie) was lost there too! I was telling about it, I think, here on my storypage! I had to help my poor parents too, barking her to come! Since that moment she can only run free on the beach. She is such a rascall! Dad and mum want to see her all the time! 😉 🙂

Mum made a little film of me in the bush, and some pictures… She says she is not a photographer as your dad is, but it shows a little bit. I had fun that day: mum was acting like a dog to be able to film me, hahaha. Luckily she is not too big so she can make herself quite small too! 🙂 🙂 Hahahahaha

Hope you will have some fun with it! And then I wish you all the best, and: have fun you, girls!

Big hugs to you (and your parents) down under, as we say here!

Kita van ’t Asbroek


World champion… just like Nina Derwael

– ” Kita, dis-moi! Why are Mum and Dad always counting after our walks?”

– “What are you talking about, funny little Française? Are they counting???”

– “Mais oui! When we get home, they say for instance: it was a ‘five’ today…”

– “Oh, that! They express how well we behaved during the walks, you see…”

– “Eh bien, ça alors! What does ‘five’ or ‘nine’ mean? C’est bien ou pas bien?

– “A ‘ten’ is the perfect walk: no incidents and a well-behaving Aire Lady!”

– “I rarely get a ‘ten’… Does that mean they don’t like me? Ils ne m’aiment pas?

– “Of course they do, you silly! Give it some time… Once you will be a well-accomplished Aire Lady like me, and then you’ll get lots of ‘tens’ too.”

– “I do my best, you know. Je fais mon petit possible. Will I eventually succeed?

– “Why not? Only a few days ago I heard Dad say: for today’s walk Lizzie gets a real Nina Derwael score! That is even better than a ‘ten’, you know!”

– “Je ne comprends rien! What does a ‘Nina Derwael score’ mean? Explique-moi!

– “Well, last week Nina Derwael won the first ever Belgian world champion’s title in gymnastics and gymnasts get scores for their performances, just like you and me.”

– “C’est fou, ça! Am I the first french World Champion of Aire Lady walks then?”

Sissie Lizzie,
alias La Française

Well-behaving… as an Aire Lady should!

– ” Kita, écoute moi! I’m in a fototoot too! I’m in a fototoot too!”

– “How do you mean: in a fototoot, little Française? Without me?”

– “Bien-sûr! I was on my walk with Dad and then we met Mum.”

“Ah, I saw her from our front window. She went to the recycling center.”

– “Mais oui! She opened it with her card and threw away some déchets.”

– “I know. She does that every once in a while: paper, glass… everything.”

– “I did some thorough inspection business, comme tu me l’as appris.

– “But for a successful fototoot, one has to behave Lady Airedale like…”

– “Evidémment! I did just that! I posed very nicely. Qu’attendais-tu?

– “Why don’t I believe you? You always bounce around like a pinball ball.”

– “Regarde les images! Look at the pictures Mum took! I’m a real lady!”

– “Well, I must say I’m impressed! You might be an Aire Lady after all.”

– “C’est vrai, non? All your friends around the world will love me too!”

Sissie Lizzie,
alias La Française



Before dinner… Madhouse at Kita’s!

It is a ritual, really! It becomes a tradition, really!

One hour before our dinner, me and the française think it is time to get the attention of dad! He is the one preparing our dinner, you see!

We start walking around and want to get petted! If that does not work – which is about every day – , we start the big means! We start playing. First quietly and then we start running around the place. 😉

This time, after a quarter of an hour of playing, in one way or another, mum got the red blinking thing activated without me noticing. Because I stop being a mad airedale and I act like a lady before the eye of the camera, you see! I really do! Don’t laugh at me, I’m the tooting-model of the house, as you know! ❤

Not this time… 😉 So you see the end of the madhouse-time and the resting-moment! 😉