Let’s welcome… 2015! Happy New Year!

My mum and me, we want to wish you a very happy New Year! May happiness and health come your way in 2015! May lots of fur-pleasure come your way too, of course!

Me and mum we wanted a nice pic to say hello to 2015 and wish you all the best… That was fun… making the pic… In the end we had a whole fototoot to make a comic with!


I was traveling… very far away! Part 1

So, I promised to tell you about my travels and my holidays! Me, dad and mum (sorry, grandpa!), I mean: Dad, mum and me, we were traveling to France! My mum has a French friend over there for more than 40 years!
But her French friend lives far away. Me and mum, we are not so good in long travels by car. I get easily ill in the car and mum after the journey! 😦 So if we go there, we travel 2 days to get there!

I like that! Mum sits next to me in the back of the car. I even can sleep on her lap! Imagine how much we like that! 🙂 Mum even tried to make pics, hahahahaha! 🙂

First we went to Orléans. There my little house came out of the car and in we went, in a very big house! I’m used to big houses, I’m a citygirl! People often are amazed about me going in and out elevators easily, as humans do. Going to restaurants as humans do…

Anyway, when my little house was installed, I saw a second Kita in the room. Hihi! Can’t fool me anymore: that’s a mirror! We went for a nice walk! I saw trees with big balls in it, I had to bark of course. I saw lot of strange things in my life, but footballs in the trees??? 😉

Next day we traveled on and arrived finally at my friend’s place! Yes, I have a friend there too! Mano is his name. He is a grandpa: he will be 15 years old next february. Had to tell Mano the news about my grandpa, going to the Bridge. Mano said: ohohoh, but that’s life, little one! But he was a great fellow, your grandpa… Had lots of play-pleasure in our younger days! 🙂

I was doing as a lady should, I gave him two “bisous” as the French humans do too! Mano is a real gentleman! ❤



Back home… and quite some surprises!!!

Okay, we are back home. We were in France at my French friend’s place. But I tell you all about that tomorrow. Today we came home. We stopped at the seaside: there the weather was very beautiful although it was cold and there was a lot of wind on the beach. When we came near Antwerp… well, I could not see the grass anymore! It was all covered with something white… Forgot what that is called, I know it though, this cold white stuff! 🙂

Snow, Kita, snow!

Okay, we came in and we found lots of surprises in the mailbox! From my friends! From all over the world! My dogness: the world comes to me! Thanks to all my friends everywhere! ❤

What do you say, mum? We go out? To the huge dogpark? Oh yes! Play in the white stuff and also a fototoot in the stuff?
My dogness, the huge dogpark is all white! I’m in a new business: the snow and ice-business! Oh yessssss! Very nice one! And my wood-business goes good too! Wood and snow, it goes together: good business-day! Sunday or not! 😉

(PS: Film is all in the end…)


Human holidays?… Many lights and other bizar situations!

Since a few weeks I see something very bizar: it’s round, it turns and in the evening there are lights. Mum says the lights have the colours of a rainbow. She promised we would go to the right side of river Scheldt in the holidays. We did! Mum does what she promises (most of the time!). 😉

We went on foot. Went down with the elevator to the middle of the earth and we walked under the river Scheldt. We went up again! 😉

Look, Kita, mum said: here are the lights with the colours of a rainbow. She explains, she knows doggies see no colours. Grandpa surely taught het that. Mum, these Rainbow-lights, is that grandpa Lennox from the Rainbow Bridge saying hello to us, now at Christmas? That is great!!! I knew he would not forget us! 🙂

If that makes you happy, little one, yes you can think it is grandpa! 🙂

We saw lots of lights and lots of people. Even four very young boys who drank too much alcohol. They were laughing at me and yelling: “hahaha, a woolf”! Mum answered: “Worse than a woolf: a terrier! What she gets in her mouth she would not release, so leave her alone!” This airedale-lady understood immediately what mum was saying. Put myself before her and I firmly growled a few times. Hahaha, the drunken boys run away! Mum said: nice job, my girl! When mum says MY girl, she is very proud of me.

Then we went back home! Nice evening: I saw grandpa and I was MY girl! ❤



Kita goes to … a concert!

There is this human brother of the mum of my cousin Islay. Well, I think he is a very friendly and kind man. How that comes so? Well, he offered me a ticket for a concert! Imagine! All the way from America! Isn’t that great?

So this morning mum wanted my attention, she said I had to get ready for this special concert! A piano concert and singing! Okay, she took the tv-typing-machine and put it in the kitchen. We do not want to bother the upstairs neighbours she says… Indeed, concert can be very loud. I already went to one with mum, at the seaside!

Okay, we were ready. Mum said I should listen and look to the movie too! That’s what I did. When it was finished I howled a bit to get a BIS, but no… No other concert-part! 



Left the concert-place because there was no BIS...

Left the concert-place because there was no BIS…

Miss Long Legs… and her sleeping manners…

The blinking box does ‘tingting’ when mum puts in working position… I always hear it and if I’m not in the mood for fototooting, I disappear quickly or I stop what I’m doing.

But what did she show me on the tv-typing-machine? Me! Asleep! I don’t want pictures to be made when I’m sound asleep. Normally I hear the ‘tingting’ and I get up quickly! But now, she has pics of me sleeping! My dogness!

Mum calls me Miss Long Legs, surely when I’ve been to the hairdresser’s! Miss Long Legs asleep, she grins! And then, she made pics of me under my blanket! Mum, really, don’t show these, you can’t see me, you only see the blanket! Sweet? My dogness! Something’s wrong with her since the holidays started!

Meet always moving… little new one, Ziva!

Yes, yes… we often go to the huge dogpark these days… at least when it does not rain and when it is not too dark!

Fun is assured over there! Last saturday and sunday the new little one was there. Her dad already told the other mums and dads about her! She is a white shepherd and her name is Ziva. Ziva is 9 weeks old. Her big sister is Katie. Katie is very kind but she does not hear! Nothing: mum calls that: deaf. Can’t see that though! 

Mum tried to take pictures of Ziva… hahaha… that little one does not know the word fototoot yet!! Hahahaha, she moves around all the time… You’ll see it!

Bo was there too and we had a discussion concerning the digging business… I don’t want war, so I quit in the end… But we played nicely afterwards when he forgot the digging. 😉

Oh, before I forget: the treat-party! With my new looks I got the double treats I begged for! Mum was not to pleased about my jumping up, as if I get no breakfast or dinner at home, she says… She is joking! 😉



Sun, wind and… and many, many, many bloopers!

Really, sometimes my mum is as crazy as me! hahaha 😉 She got this great idea! She wanted this fototoot for a mum in the UK. She wanted to show to this English mum her cap. Why? This English mum made it for her. And now a lot of people talk about her cap when we are out together. So we should fototoot, I said to her. And so she agreed. 🙂

But the crazy part comes now. Me and mum we went out and we were fototooting ‘selfies’. Well, we were having great fun, that’s for sure, but we do agree on one thing: this is a bloopers-selfies-fototoot! Anyway, we laughed a lot! yes, me too! 
The pic we both close our eyes, or the one with the wet kiss! hahaha! ❤

I ask you: which blooper is the best pic we should send to the mum in the UK? 😉

Christmas!… Advice for cousin Islay: part 4

Dear Islay

Dear cousin, this is your first Christmas ever! People behave a bit strange these days. They get trees in the house, they have illuminated leashes and balls you can’t play with. So I’ll try to guide you a bit through this chaos. 🙂

Christmas is a big feast! From long before the day, the fun starts. At my house it is after the feast of Saint Nicholas on the 6th of december or even later. But much mums and dads start way earlier! 😦

They start with getting your toy box out of the way and they get a tree in the house! You should inspect the tree carefully, from bottom to top! There might be squirrels or other funny beasts in it! Then you help your mum to put this long leash in it. This leash normally is too long for you and it has lights on it. Not to go out with for pee and poo! 🙂
After the leash the boxes with the balls arrive! That’s the most tricky part, my dear! Then you think: fun starts! No no, my dear little girl, fun does stop before it starts! Grandpa warned me tree years ago: don’t touch! I did touch, couldn’t stop myself trying… ohoh, mum was angry, very angry. Anyhow, I know now: don’t touch! No ball-business with these coloured balls!
And other little things appear! Yes, you got it! Don’t touch!

In the end, when all the work is done, you can go play with your favourite toy and make the Christmas music! Maybe your mum will fototoot you!
And above all: ignore the tree, the little-lights-leash, the balls… ignore everything!! Act as if it is not there! Then your mum and dad will say you are a good girl!

As usual, my dear Islay, I add some pics and a video, to be sure you understand the lesson. I’m in the teaching-business too, but you already knew that, I suppose! 😉

Have a nice Christmas over there in Berlin! Hugs to your mum and dad too!

Big hugs ❤

Your cousin Kita

PS Tell your dad not to ‘game’ too much foot on the computer! 🙂


Hairdresser’s and… family visit!

Few days ago, I went to the hairdresser’s! Oh yes, sometimes a lady needs to do so. Left my coat at the hairdresser’s, mum made pics of it. No big deal, two times a year I go there. Even not brushed and combed for more than 7 days this time, I was a bit ashamed (mum should be too), but hairdresser’s is a very friendly and patient man! 🙂
Big deal is afterwards: I don’t want to go out if it is raining and I have no coat on! But I already told you: mum bought me an extra coat for these few occasions. I think I’m too beautiful to wear much clothes: in Belgium it rearly is too cold for aireladies. But it certainly is too wet for aireladies coming from the hairdresser’s… only then I prefer to be dressed! 😉

When we go to the hairdresser’s, we are in the neighbourhood to pay a visit to my family! I like that very much! So I saw Sunny and It. It just became a mum of 9 beautiful babies, five weeks old now and already very activ and quite “big”  for their age, my mum says! 8 boys and 1 little lady. My mum thinks a certain Canadian mum will be a little jealous now! Why? Well, one of these puppies, one of the boys, goes to Canada to that Canadian mum. The lady especially comes to Belgium to get her furry aire-boy! But she is not here yet, she did not see the boys alive and kicking as my mum did! 😉

To comfort the Canadian mum a bit, It’s mum (she is also the human mum of my doggie mum Fun and a very lovely lady!) made some pictures of the boys and the little lady! And I am very proud that me, Kita, may show them to you! I’m a very proud lady and so I proudly present you my little cousins and niece from Airedale Terriers van ’t Asbroek! That’s my name too and I’m very proud of that! ❤
By the way: their mum It is in the pictures too! 🙂