Back home… and quite some surprises!!!

Okay, we are back home. We were in France at my French friend’s place. But I tell you all about that tomorrow. Today we came home. We stopped at the seaside: there the weather was very beautiful although it was cold and there was a lot of wind on the beach. When we came near Antwerp… well, I could not see the grass anymore! It was all covered with something white… Forgot what that is called, I know it though, this cold white stuff! 🙂

Snow, Kita, snow!

Okay, we came in and we found lots of surprises in the mailbox! From my friends! From all over the world! My dogness: the world comes to me! Thanks to all my friends everywhere! ❤

What do you say, mum? We go out? To the huge dogpark? Oh yes! Play in the white stuff and also a fototoot in the stuff?
My dogness, the huge dogpark is all white! I’m in a new business: the snow and ice-business! Oh yessssss! Very nice one! And my wood-business goes good too! Wood and snow, it goes together: good business-day! Sunday or not! 😉

(PS: Film is all in the end…)


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