I was traveling… very far away! Part 1

So, I promised to tell you about my travels and my holidays! Me, dad and mum (sorry, grandpa!), I mean: Dad, mum and me, we were traveling to France! My mum has a French friend over there for more than 40 years!
But her French friend lives far away. Me and mum, we are not so good in long travels by car. I get easily ill in the car and mum after the journey! 😦 So if we go there, we travel 2 days to get there!

I like that! Mum sits next to me in the back of the car. I even can sleep on her lap! Imagine how much we like that! 🙂 Mum even tried to make pics, hahahahaha! 🙂

First we went to Orléans. There my little house came out of the car and in we went, in a very big house! I’m used to big houses, I’m a citygirl! People often are amazed about me going in and out elevators easily, as humans do. Going to restaurants as humans do…

Anyway, when my little house was installed, I saw a second Kita in the room. Hihi! Can’t fool me anymore: that’s a mirror! We went for a nice walk! I saw trees with big balls in it, I had to bark of course. I saw lot of strange things in my life, but footballs in the trees??? 😉

Next day we traveled on and arrived finally at my friend’s place! Yes, I have a friend there too! Mano is his name. He is a grandpa: he will be 15 years old next february. Had to tell Mano the news about my grandpa, going to the Bridge. Mano said: ohohoh, but that’s life, little one! But he was a great fellow, your grandpa… Had lots of play-pleasure in our younger days! 🙂

I was doing as a lady should, I gave him two “bisous” as the French humans do too! Mano is a real gentleman! ❤



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