Human holidays?… Many lights and other bizar situations!

Since a few weeks I see something very bizar: it’s round, it turns and in the evening there are lights. Mum says the lights have the colours of a rainbow. She promised we would go to the right side of river Scheldt in the holidays. We did! Mum does what she promises (most of the time!). 😉

We went on foot. Went down with the elevator to the middle of the earth and we walked under the river Scheldt. We went up again! 😉

Look, Kita, mum said: here are the lights with the colours of a rainbow. She explains, she knows doggies see no colours. Grandpa surely taught het that. Mum, these Rainbow-lights, is that grandpa Lennox from the Rainbow Bridge saying hello to us, now at Christmas? That is great!!! I knew he would not forget us! 🙂

If that makes you happy, little one, yes you can think it is grandpa! 🙂

We saw lots of lights and lots of people. Even four very young boys who drank too much alcohol. They were laughing at me and yelling: “hahaha, a woolf”! Mum answered: “Worse than a woolf: a terrier! What she gets in her mouth she would not release, so leave her alone!” This airedale-lady understood immediately what mum was saying. Put myself before her and I firmly growled a few times. Hahaha, the drunken boys run away! Mum said: nice job, my girl! When mum says MY girl, she is very proud of me.

Then we went back home! Nice evening: I saw grandpa and I was MY girl! ❤



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