Kita goes to … a concert!

There is this human brother of the mum of my cousin Islay. Well, I think he is a very friendly and kind man. How that comes so? Well, he offered me a ticket for a concert! Imagine! All the way from America! Isn’t that great?

So this morning mum wanted my attention, she said I had to get ready for this special concert! A piano concert and singing! Okay, she took the tv-typing-machine and put it in the kitchen. We do not want to bother the upstairs neighbours she says… Indeed, concert can be very loud. I already went to one with mum, at the seaside!

Okay, we were ready. Mum said I should listen and look to the movie too! That’s what I did. When it was finished I howled a bit to get a BIS, but no… No other concert-part! 



Left the concert-place because there was no BIS...

Left the concert-place because there was no BIS…

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