Miss Long Legs… and her sleeping manners…

The blinking box does ‘tingting’ when mum puts in working position… I always hear it and if I’m not in the mood for fototooting, I disappear quickly or I stop what I’m doing.

But what did she show me on the tv-typing-machine? Me! Asleep! I don’t want pictures to be made when I’m sound asleep. Normally I hear the ‘tingting’ and I get up quickly! But now, she has pics of me sleeping! My dogness!

Mum calls me Miss Long Legs, surely when I’ve been to the hairdresser’s! Miss Long Legs asleep, she grins! And then, she made pics of me under my blanket! Mum, really, don’t show these, you can’t see me, you only see the blanket! Sweet? My dogness! Something’s wrong with her since the holidays started!

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