Meet always moving… little new one, Ziva!

Yes, yes… we often go to the huge dogpark these days… at least when it does not rain and when it is not too dark!

Fun is assured over there! Last saturday and sunday the new little one was there. Her dad already told the other mums and dads about her! She is a white shepherd and her name is Ziva. Ziva is 9 weeks old. Her big sister is Katie. Katie is very kind but she does not hear! Nothing: mum calls that: deaf. Can’t see that though! 

Mum tried to take pictures of Ziva… hahaha… that little one does not know the word fototoot yet!! Hahahaha, she moves around all the time… You’ll see it!

Bo was there too and we had a discussion concerning the digging business… I don’t want war, so I quit in the end… But we played nicely afterwards when he forgot the digging. 😉

Oh, before I forget: the treat-party! With my new looks I got the double treats I begged for! Mum was not to pleased about my jumping up, as if I get no breakfast or dinner at home, she says… She is joking! 😉



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