Sun, wind and… and many, many, many bloopers!

Really, sometimes my mum is as crazy as me! hahaha 😉 She got this great idea! She wanted this fototoot for a mum in the UK. She wanted to show to this English mum her cap. Why? This English mum made it for her. And now a lot of people talk about her cap when we are out together. So we should fototoot, I said to her. And so she agreed. 🙂

But the crazy part comes now. Me and mum we went out and we were fototooting ‘selfies’. Well, we were having great fun, that’s for sure, but we do agree on one thing: this is a bloopers-selfies-fototoot! Anyway, we laughed a lot! yes, me too! 
The pic we both close our eyes, or the one with the wet kiss! hahaha! ❤

I ask you: which blooper is the best pic we should send to the mum in the UK? 😉

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