Christmas!… Advice for cousin Islay: part 4

Dear Islay

Dear cousin, this is your first Christmas ever! People behave a bit strange these days. They get trees in the house, they have illuminated leashes and balls you can’t play with. So I’ll try to guide you a bit through this chaos. 🙂

Christmas is a big feast! From long before the day, the fun starts. At my house it is after the feast of Saint Nicholas on the 6th of december or even later. But much mums and dads start way earlier! 😦

They start with getting your toy box out of the way and they get a tree in the house! You should inspect the tree carefully, from bottom to top! There might be squirrels or other funny beasts in it! Then you help your mum to put this long leash in it. This leash normally is too long for you and it has lights on it. Not to go out with for pee and poo! 🙂
After the leash the boxes with the balls arrive! That’s the most tricky part, my dear! Then you think: fun starts! No no, my dear little girl, fun does stop before it starts! Grandpa warned me tree years ago: don’t touch! I did touch, couldn’t stop myself trying… ohoh, mum was angry, very angry. Anyhow, I know now: don’t touch! No ball-business with these coloured balls!
And other little things appear! Yes, you got it! Don’t touch!

In the end, when all the work is done, you can go play with your favourite toy and make the Christmas music! Maybe your mum will fototoot you!
And above all: ignore the tree, the little-lights-leash, the balls… ignore everything!! Act as if it is not there! Then your mum and dad will say you are a good girl!

As usual, my dear Islay, I add some pics and a video, to be sure you understand the lesson. I’m in the teaching-business too, but you already knew that, I suppose! 😉

Have a nice Christmas over there in Berlin! Hugs to your mum and dad too!

Big hugs ❤

Your cousin Kita

PS Tell your dad not to ‘game’ too much foot on the computer! 🙂


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