Hairdresser’s and… family visit!

Few days ago, I went to the hairdresser’s! Oh yes, sometimes a lady needs to do so. Left my coat at the hairdresser’s, mum made pics of it. No big deal, two times a year I go there. Even not brushed and combed for more than 7 days this time, I was a bit ashamed (mum should be too), but hairdresser’s is a very friendly and patient man! 🙂
Big deal is afterwards: I don’t want to go out if it is raining and I have no coat on! But I already told you: mum bought me an extra coat for these few occasions. I think I’m too beautiful to wear much clothes: in Belgium it rearly is too cold for aireladies. But it certainly is too wet for aireladies coming from the hairdresser’s… only then I prefer to be dressed! 😉

When we go to the hairdresser’s, we are in the neighbourhood to pay a visit to my family! I like that very much! So I saw Sunny and It. It just became a mum of 9 beautiful babies, five weeks old now and already very activ and quite “big”  for their age, my mum says! 8 boys and 1 little lady. My mum thinks a certain Canadian mum will be a little jealous now! Why? Well, one of these puppies, one of the boys, goes to Canada to that Canadian mum. The lady especially comes to Belgium to get her furry aire-boy! But she is not here yet, she did not see the boys alive and kicking as my mum did! 😉

To comfort the Canadian mum a bit, It’s mum (she is also the human mum of my doggie mum Fun and a very lovely lady!) made some pictures of the boys and the little lady! And I am very proud that me, Kita, may show them to you! I’m a very proud lady and so I proudly present you my little cousins and niece from Airedale Terriers van ’t Asbroek! That’s my name too and I’m very proud of that! ❤
By the way: their mum It is in the pictures too! 🙂

  1. Thank you so much dear sweet Kita for sharing the pictures. Do you know that one of those boys will be called Nestor!!.. Yup. and by the way….you look gorgeous in your new haircut..

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