Lady Kita… on family-visit!

When I go for my New Look, I go visit my family too! Well this time, I saw a lot of family members! ❤

First of all, there was Mizzy! Mum, I’m a lady, is Mizzy a Miss?  Don’t you know? 
She came to play with me while I was waiting for mum and dad who were talking and talking and talking. But I did not mind of course: playing is fun! 🙂

And there: well, well, that is my uncle Klassico, Chico for the friends! He is the one with the tree-climbing-genes. Got that from him, I suppose! 😉

The two real ladies Van ’t Asbroek were home too! It and Many Roses. They did not pay attention to me… they were running to their very huge park, to go playing! 😉

Last but not least, I want you to meet my granny! Yes, yes, yes: Cita is my real grandma. That means she’s the doggie mum of my doggie mum Funnygirl (Fun for those who know her well). My granny is 13 years old and still quite a lady! ❤ I think she looks like a queen. ❤ My mum hopes I will be like my granny when I’m that old! We have many, many pics of her and I want to show them all! 🙂 That’s because I’m so proud of my beautiful granny!

And all these dales have my name: Van ’t Asbroek! Isn’t that nice? Oh no, little mistake: the gentleman you see with me and Mizzy, that’s Sunset of the Aire Victory: Sunny for the friends! But he is part of the family, you know! 🙂

PS My family has a lot of airedale stuff too! Very beautiful! And the nice painting of my grand,grand, grand, grand… grandmother! 😉

Hunting city-lady… catches prey!

Mum said she did not believe her eyes, really not! I really don’t understand humans: mum has her eyes, she wears extra eyes and this morning she did put brown eyes on the extra eyes. That makes three times eyes! Yes, grandpa learned me to count! 🙂
And she does not see very good, it seems, because she does not believe what she sees? 😉

First of all I should tell you this: I’m afraid of narrow spaces! Really! Did not pass the exam in puppy class because in no way I would pass in the tunnel! If mum and me have to pass between two things and it is small, she goes first and then she talks and talks to persuade me to follow her! And then I do of course. Now I am a full grown lady and I dare more but still… 😦

This morning in the dogpark… I forgot my fear for narrow spaces! I was hunting! I found something! I barked and barked but mum would not help! 😦 She does at home when something is under the cupboard, not here!!! 😦
So I had to do it myself! Forgot about all narrow tunnels!

And!!!! I got my prey! 🙂 I was as proud as a city-lady can be! Human mum van ’t Asbroek will say that even city-ladies are hunters, as all dales are! Van ’t Asbroek will be proud of me, I think! 😉 ❤ Could not bring it home though! 😦

PS Watch the movie till the end!




Celebrate life!… You too!

Already told you several times: my family is famous! 😉 But not only all airedales Van ’t Asbroek are famous! The human mum and dad are too! The human mum of my doggiemum helps a lot of people!

She helps people fighting against cancer… No, no, she is not a doctor! She helps in other ways! To fight cancer, a lot of scientists have to do research to find the right medicine or the causes of this very awful disease: that costs a lot of money.
And then people who do cure have to pick up their life again. They need some help to encourage them too. Others need help to fight the cancer and get cured… Fight the cancer, celebrate life if you are cured! ((see pic!)
Well, to make a long story short:  human mum of my mum Fun organises this weekend an event to collect some money for the organisation helping people. Something very yummy! You can subscribe for a pasta-meal! 
Almost 300 people subscribed! Isn’t that great! 🙂

Airezen and crossed paws asked for human mum Van ’t Asbroek that everything goes very well on saturday! 🙂 ❤ Thank you! 🙂


Celebrity?… It stays in the family! ;-)

Nothing new, but I want to repeat it and tell you about it! I already mentioned my family is very famous. Lots of my aunties and uncles and my grandpa and my mummy are very famous airedale ladies and sirs. And about some of them, I already told you in particularly! Nobody, Desmond, Apollo (Pol for the friends) and my mummie Funnygirl…

Today I want to tell about another sir! He is my uncle! My grandfather Desmond is his father! Well: Harry van ’t Asbroek is quite a guy! One of his dads is a very famous person in Antwerp! Not only in Antwerp: he is known in the whole world, at least the fashion world. Because his dad is a very well known and succesful fashion designer. He works here and in Paris. Of course he is often interviewed. Now there is a very big exposition about his work here in Antwerp, so lots of interviews and articles about the famous man! 

AND this time there was an article and a very big picture in a magazine! Not only of the famous dad but also of Harry van ’t Asbroek, my uncle! Tell you!!! And guess what? Picture has been taken near our home! Mum made a pic of me at the same spot! So you can compare! I’m as proud as possible!

Is our family famous or not??? 🙂

Me?… A beautiful and proud Van ’t Asbroek!

There is a very old Flemish saying that goes like this: “Mijn kind, schoon kind”… You can translate it literally as follows: ” My child, beautiful child”. Humans use the expression when someone is bluffing about her/his child although there might be not to be bluffing about…, to express that you often think better of your own child  as of someone else’s… Hope I got this right, grandpa told me long ago what this is about… so hope I did not forget… 😉

Well, that’s what is happening to  mum today. 😉 Every time we go to the huge dogpark these days, mum says I come back as a stinking swamp monster! Paw plunger, wash cloth, towels, brush, comb… they have lots of work to do… 

Today after the whole procedure + the scissorsthing too, mum noticed something I already know since very long time. She said: you really are a very beautiful aire-lady. Of course, mum, I’m a Van ’t Asbroek, remember? My mum Funnygirl was beautiful too and Apollo was my granduncle and Desmond was my grandfather! Do you realise that?
Anyhow, this time I could not agree more with her… but: “Mijn kind, schoon kind”…, n’est-ce pas? 😉

She did take the blinking thing though to make some pics! Last pic shows why I was a very good and smiling model today! 😉


Hairdresser’s and… family visit!

Few days ago, I went to the hairdresser’s! Oh yes, sometimes a lady needs to do so. Left my coat at the hairdresser’s, mum made pics of it. No big deal, two times a year I go there. Even not brushed and combed for more than 7 days this time, I was a bit ashamed (mum should be too), but hairdresser’s is a very friendly and patient man! 🙂
Big deal is afterwards: I don’t want to go out if it is raining and I have no coat on! But I already told you: mum bought me an extra coat for these few occasions. I think I’m too beautiful to wear much clothes: in Belgium it rearly is too cold for aireladies. But it certainly is too wet for aireladies coming from the hairdresser’s… only then I prefer to be dressed! 😉

When we go to the hairdresser’s, we are in the neighbourhood to pay a visit to my family! I like that very much! So I saw Sunny and It. It just became a mum of 9 beautiful babies, five weeks old now and already very activ and quite “big”  for their age, my mum says! 8 boys and 1 little lady. My mum thinks a certain Canadian mum will be a little jealous now! Why? Well, one of these puppies, one of the boys, goes to Canada to that Canadian mum. The lady especially comes to Belgium to get her furry aire-boy! But she is not here yet, she did not see the boys alive and kicking as my mum did! 😉

To comfort the Canadian mum a bit, It’s mum (she is also the human mum of my doggie mum Fun and a very lovely lady!) made some pictures of the boys and the little lady! And I am very proud that me, Kita, may show them to you! I’m a very proud lady and so I proudly present you my little cousins and niece from Airedale Terriers van ’t Asbroek! That’s my name too and I’m very proud of that! ❤
By the way: their mum It is in the pictures too! 🙂

Congratulations… to another grandpa!

Yes, I know, I’m talking a lot about my own grandpa Lennox! And I should because he is quit a fellow! 😉

But there are other grandpa’s in my family! There is my grand-uncle Apollo! My grandpa is  quit a fellow! But my grand-uncle Apollo is even more a special fellow!

First of all he is special because tomorrow it’s his birthday! He will be 13 years old. Some days he acts like a grandpa but most of the time, he rather acts as a very young dog! He looks young too! Nobody can guess his age when they try!

Then he also is special because of all the prices he won. I can’t remember all, that’s too difficult for me… but he did something very special: won all prices possible, in the same year! Mum says I come of a very famous family!!!

And he is special too because of his crazy actions. Half a year ago he was in the thriller-business, remember? He ate a ball and then the vet got him a zipper to get the ball out! 

We wonder what will be next… I’m curious!! 🙂 I’m a silent fan! 🙂

Congratulations to my grand-uncle! Grandpa says gggggggrrrrrrr too, Apollo! He says you’re welcome in the grandpa’s club! 😉

PS Pics are taken today! If you had to guess his age, you’d never say 13, I bet!! Hope my looks will be as good when I’m 13 years old… I am his lady-cousin!