Me?… A beautiful and proud Van ’t Asbroek!

There is a very old Flemish saying that goes like this: “Mijn kind, schoon kind”… You can translate it literally as follows: ” My child, beautiful child”. Humans use the expression when someone is bluffing about her/his child although there might be not to be bluffing about…, to express that you often think better of your own child  as of someone else’s… Hope I got this right, grandpa told me long ago what this is about… so hope I did not forget… 😉

Well, that’s what is happening to  mum today. 😉 Every time we go to the huge dogpark these days, mum says I come back as a stinking swamp monster! Paw plunger, wash cloth, towels, brush, comb… they have lots of work to do… 

Today after the whole procedure + the scissorsthing too, mum noticed something I already know since very long time. She said: you really are a very beautiful aire-lady. Of course, mum, I’m a Van ’t Asbroek, remember? My mum Funnygirl was beautiful too and Apollo was my granduncle and Desmond was my grandfather! Do you realise that?
Anyhow, this time I could not agree more with her… but: “Mijn kind, schoon kind”…, n’est-ce pas? 😉

She did take the blinking thing though to make some pics! Last pic shows why I was a very good and smiling model today! 😉


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