Dangerous new business!… circus tightrope… ;-)

Yesterday sun was shining bright. In the afternoon me and mum we made our long riverwalk near the Scheldt. We had fun. Surely me, I had fun. Think mum was a bit afraid some moments. I was not, really not! Sssst, if mum sees this she will say I’m a good liar, don’t believe her! 😉

Why was she afraid? I always climb on things… Most of the time it is not dangerous! Really not! But now… Suddenly mum said:  Kita, you are walking on a rope… My goodness, you can go in the circus business! Just be careful! She was very right. Did some “rope-walking” for quite some time… 🙂

Little further… I had a problem… No, mum, you know very well, I do not jump from heights, that’s too dangerous! I walk back and jump over there! Mum, you don’t forget to walk near the big wooden man, did not inspect him today!
And can we pass by the beautiful ship too, to show Maurice and Dusty? Yes, will we??! Great! Are we going to ring the big bell? Can they hear it? And we show the anchors too?
What do you say? You are tired? I’m not! 😉

But I confess: I did a very long nap at home, before dinner. And a very long nap after dinner. 😉






  1. Yet again you have brought back memories of Bob. She was hopeless with steps.

    One day when she wasn’t fully grown we went to a pub garden in Derbyshire. It was up a flight of stone steps, she fell going up and again going down. She was never keen on steps or stairs after that end even a few steps would see her trip herself up.

    Lovely music, what was it please?

    • Glad I can bring back lovely memories for you! Kita climbs up all right, but then down, that’s somethinh else… 😉
      The music? It’s an Australian artist: Gurrumul Yunupingo, Gurrumul ‘tout court’. This number is called: “Marrandil”.
      I like this music very much!!! It’s an original Australian man, singing in his language. I think he only has a few songs in English.

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