WWW-day!… Like you to meet Rhea!

Wednesday? Check. No rain? Check. Warm boots for mum? Check. Warm coat for mum? Check. Treats for me? Check. Blinking box? Check.

Off we go, to the huge dogpark! yeay!
I had quite some runs, keeping my running business under controle, you know! Water business is not doing too well… water disappears in the huge dogpark. There still is, but lot less!

Mum, look, another doggie! A shepherd of six months old: Rhea. Come one, little one (yes grandpa, I’m the oldest right here and now!), let’s run and play! We did! Learned her to get her butt in the air, showed the flying business and the running business! In the end, Rhea was a bit tired.

You too!

I was not, mum! I only was very dirty! 😉 So at home… paw plunger party: check! 😉 Wash cloth procedure? Check! 😦 Brush procedure? Check. 😦 Combing procedure? Check! 😦
Chew-shoe in bed? CHECK! 😉 🙂 I love WWW-days! ❤

PS Mum was not pleased with the blinking box. When it is cold outside, she says it eats too much and goes asleep. Wont work anymore. Can’t blame the box, I take a nap too after my dinner. We only have a short film though…

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