Seaside-walk… with issues!

So we were at the seaside, also on this sunday… Weatherman said it would rain… Did not sea any rain, me! Just clouds and … sunshine! But wind!!! Wind!!! And more wind.

This morning’s walk was complicated though! First I exercised again to walk on 2 paws. It seems to amuse mum, so when I’m in a good mood I try it. She got pics of it! It is not easy though! Not at all! See for yourself! Butt was right in the air, but never long enough to go on walking! 😦
That was the first complication. Never mind, we went on, and I ran!

Then there was the issue with my tongue that made mum laugh! Tongue was hanging out of my mouth in a funny way she said… ??? Sometimes mums are not understandable! 😦

Biggest issue of the day? My ears! My dogness! Could not keep them down! 😦 Must have been a rather odd ‘Shepherd-sight’ on an airedale-body… But don’t panic: ears are all right again, since we are back home! 🙂

When mum said we were going home, I sat down for a sit-strike and I was telling her that I did not agree! 😉 She said: okay, as you please, but I go home… What can a lady do? Follow her mum of course… maybe she was a little tiny bit right: I was tired… ssssttt, don’t tell her! 😉

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