A lady with a beard… at winter-seaside!

Grandpa Lennox always laughed a bit at me… He said ladies don’t have beards! Oh, yes, I know better than that! My doggiemum Funnygirl explained us that when we were still at her place. She explained to all the baby-boys and baby-girls of our litter-family that airedales have a beard! Dale-sirs have a beard and so do dale-ladies! I had to tell grandpa again and again… 😉

But I have to say it is not always practical, having a beard. 😦 Today for example! Mum and dad said that it was time to see the winter-seaside! Off we went. Great! We were walking on the beach. I ran a lot and even played with another doggie. But also: I played some foot-bottle with dad. I found an empty bottle, he kicked it away with his foot and I ran for it, took it out of the sand, ran with it. And then we started all over. Fun, fun, fun!

Foot-bottle is nice, very nice. This time it was not grandpa who laughed at me, but mum! She said my beard was quite funny! The blinking thing did his work! I saw it… Not too ladylike, all this sand in my lady-beard! 😦

PS Mum thinks I’m learning and exercising to walk on two paws, with mu butt in the air… 😉 That’s what she said about some pics… 🙂

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