Wintertime… great time!!

Today was not WWW-day, but FFF-day! Fun-free-friday!

This morning it was so very, very cold we did not go to the huge dogpark, but this afternoon sun was shining and off we went. Wind was very cold! Very cold! My mum did complain, she is still a softie, even with the new boots on! Told her to keep moving… hahahaha! That’s what she says to me! hahahaha 😉

Waterbusiness was not great today: glass all over the place! I could run on it, but mum made a hole in the glass with the new boots! A deep hole! She was not pleased at all! Foot stayed dry allright but the boot was not clean anymore! Paw plunger, mum, I said, no problem, paw plunger! hahaha! That’s what she says to me! hahahaha! 😉

Then we met Lou, a very nice and friendly  and young Vizsla! We ran and played! Tell you something, in a quarter of an hour time, there were 5, yes 5 Vizslas in the huge dogpark! We never saw 5 Vizslas together, mum and me! What a coincidence! One was a pup of four months old! So cute! ❤

In the end we had to go home, quite a pity… FFF always is too short, don’t you agree? 🙂


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