Lady Kita… on family-visit!

When I go for my New Look, I go visit my family too! Well this time, I saw a lot of family members! ❤

First of all, there was Mizzy! Mum, I’m a lady, is Mizzy a Miss?  Don’t you know? 
She came to play with me while I was waiting for mum and dad who were talking and talking and talking. But I did not mind of course: playing is fun! 🙂

And there: well, well, that is my uncle Klassico, Chico for the friends! He is the one with the tree-climbing-genes. Got that from him, I suppose! 😉

The two real ladies Van ’t Asbroek were home too! It and Many Roses. They did not pay attention to me… they were running to their very huge park, to go playing! 😉

Last but not least, I want you to meet my granny! Yes, yes, yes: Cita is my real grandma. That means she’s the doggie mum of my doggie mum Funnygirl (Fun for those who know her well). My granny is 13 years old and still quite a lady! ❤ I think she looks like a queen. ❤ My mum hopes I will be like my granny when I’m that old! We have many, many pics of her and I want to show them all! 🙂 That’s because I’m so proud of my beautiful granny!

And all these dales have my name: Van ’t Asbroek! Isn’t that nice? Oh no, little mistake: the gentleman you see with me and Mizzy, that’s Sunset of the Aire Victory: Sunny for the friends! But he is part of the family, you know! 🙂

PS My family has a lot of airedale stuff too! Very beautiful! And the nice painting of my grand,grand, grand, grand… grandmother! 😉

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