Big disagreement… peace in the end…

This morning it was raining cats and dogs!

I told her clearly, my mum, that I would not go out in that rain! No way: no pee, no poop!
Listen, mum, I have this New Look. I especially asked for a lady-dale-look! Which lady will run in the rain with a New Look? 😦

So we went back upstairs to the appartment and mum got my coat out of the drawer. I don’t like that neither but seen the circomstances… 😦

So we went out again. Don’t like the coat, so I was trying to shake it off all the time. And pulling all the time to go back home. Then happened what almost never happens! Mum got angry. Not just a bit angry! VERY angry! She yelled I should behave like a lady and stop pulling and shaking! She really yelled! In the middle of the street… Oh, what a shame on me! Me… the lady of the street with the new lady-dale-look! My dogness! Even river Scheldt did hear everything! 😦
I was so surprised, I stopped pulling and shaking from one moment to the other. 🙂

Mum promised we would go back home after pee and poop! I did it at once and yes, we went back! I was very glad mum forgot the red thing, but she made a pic back home to show the two of us, coming out of the rain! 😉

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