Me… and the New Look! :-)

Well, a few days ago I decided I needed another look… a new look it will be! That was after the children calling me a sheep too when I was walking a bit with my buffalosheep-friends! 😦

Mum did agree and dad too! So we left very early to go to the hairdresser’s where I got my new look! That was quite a job! I left a lot of Kita over there, and I came back with my New Look. 😉 ❤

In the huge dogpark they had to look twice, the mums and dads… but there are things which will never change:

  1. I still fly to my mum when she calls me (proof of the flying in the pics!)
  2. I still behave like a lady at the treats-party of Rea’s mum! (proof in the pics!)
  3. I still pose nicely for the fototoot of the New Look! (proof in the pics!)
  4. I still protest loudly when mum wants us to go home. (proof in the pics)

You see: a look is one thing, but being Kita is the real thing! ❤ 🙂


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