Hunting city-lady… catches prey!

Mum said she did not believe her eyes, really not! I really don’t understand humans: mum has her eyes, she wears extra eyes and this morning she did put brown eyes on the extra eyes. That makes three times eyes! Yes, grandpa learned me to count! 🙂
And she does not see very good, it seems, because she does not believe what she sees? 😉

First of all I should tell you this: I’m afraid of narrow spaces! Really! Did not pass the exam in puppy class because in no way I would pass in the tunnel! If mum and me have to pass between two things and it is small, she goes first and then she talks and talks to persuade me to follow her! And then I do of course. Now I am a full grown lady and I dare more but still… 😦

This morning in the dogpark… I forgot my fear for narrow spaces! I was hunting! I found something! I barked and barked but mum would not help! 😦 She does at home when something is under the cupboard, not here!!! 😦
So I had to do it myself! Forgot about all narrow tunnels!

And!!!! I got my prey! 🙂 I was as proud as a city-lady can be! Human mum van ’t Asbroek will say that even city-ladies are hunters, as all dales are! Van ’t Asbroek will be proud of me, I think! 😉 ❤ Could not bring it home though! 😦

PS Watch the movie till the end!




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