Boots, shoes and… a painted belly!

Yesterday morning, ther were no friends in the huge dogpark! So I ran around on my own! One moment, my mum looked elsewhere to make a panama-pic…

Panorama-picture, Kita! Panorama-picture of the dogpark-landscape!

So she was busy to make a panama-pic of my huge dogpark, so I escaped behind the bushes: I know there is an intersting very small river! When I came back I had boots on and my belly was painted in black! All for free, mum, these new boots and this make-up!
Mum was not as pleased as I was with my new looks! She said I could go back and get myself clean!
Go back? Did she really say that? Okay! Wafwoofwaf!

Look, mum, boots are all gone!! What? Did I forget my back paw-boots and belly? All right, can we go to the big water? Mum was sighing abit, but we did. Nice clean water! ❤
Here I am: wet but clean, mum! We can go home! 😉

What? What’s wrong now? Shoes? All for free too, mum. Got them when you took the panama-pic of the big water! No return? Paw plunger? 😉

PS Mum added the panama-pics in the end!

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