Exhausted!… Just exhausted!

Holidays and nice weather! 🙂
So we go to the huge dogpark every morning! Yesterday I met 8 month old Sara! She is only 8 months old, but my goodness, she is very strong! Already told mum I should go and follow karate-lessons to keep up with this new friend! 

Sara likes playing and running, and that’s what we did: for a very long time! Sand was flying all around us and we did a lot of teeth-showing! We made a lot of noise too. In the end we were both exhausted.
Pics will show you everything!

On the way home, I always wanted to lay down to start my nap. No way, said my stubborn mum. But after the paw plunger-procedure and wash-cloth-procedure… That’s what I did all day and night! ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.




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