Me and my… terrace-gardening-talents!

It’s spring here where I live. If you did not kow yet, you know it now… So I have to practice my terrace-gardening-skills. Yes, that’s one of my business too: terrace gardening.

This morning we got all ready, me and mum. And then we started. Terrace was still in wintermood. Had to inspect everything of course. 😉 Took some time before we got to work at the real thing: the plants.

Blinking red thing did some work too to show you my skills! Mum thinks we did a good job! 😉 This afternoon, we went to sit there for a while: then there is sunshine! Inspection again. Yes, everything is still okay, I still have my spot to chat with the neighbourlady of downstairs. ❤  
I can go to my normal things: a toy! 😉


    • Hello mister Bill, dig holes? I’m pro. But I do that at the huge dogpark or at the beach, so I don’t get my mum angry! 😉 So my garden is much bigger then anyone elses here in town! hahahahaha! Hugs, Kita

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