Today? I visited my … tree-dogpark!

Where are we going? Me and dad and mum, we go in the car. I did not hear where we were going! Big surprise! But, mum, look here! This is my old tree-dogpark! Go we in? Yes, we do! Oh, no friends! That’s a pity… Mum, this is a small dogpark, it is not huge, isn’t it? Yes, it’s fine, but my huge dogpark is huger! 😉

I start my inspection-tour. Everything is still there, but it changed a bit. Mum, my tree, look at this! It completely cracked! Have to inspect this thoroughly, mum, this is not really safe anymore. Yes, I’m used to it, but tree moves all the time, this is less fun than before. You can not run up and down anymore, you have to be very careful! And it is not as high as before! 😦 Mum, you take the red thing for pics so I can show my friends my old tree? 🙂

And there, mum, fence did move! There is a real path behind now! And a new gate at the other side!! My dogness, when did that happen?!
No, mum, I’m a lady now, I will not get on the table! Don’t worry! 🙂

When we came home, mum and dad got themselves an ice cream! And I? I got the very last little bit of it! Just look! Afterwards, well, I needed a nap! zzzzzz…..

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