Celebrate life!… You too!

Already told you several times: my family is famous! 😉 But not only all airedales Van ’t Asbroek are famous! The human mum and dad are too! The human mum of my doggiemum helps a lot of people!

She helps people fighting against cancer… No, no, she is not a doctor! She helps in other ways! To fight cancer, a lot of scientists have to do research to find the right medicine or the causes of this very awful disease: that costs a lot of money.
And then people who do cure have to pick up their life again. They need some help to encourage them too. Others need help to fight the cancer and get cured… Fight the cancer, celebrate life if you are cured! ((see pic!)
Well, to make a long story short:  human mum of my mum Fun organises this weekend an event to collect some money for the organisation helping people. Something very yummy! You can subscribe for a pasta-meal! 
Almost 300 people subscribed! Isn’t that great! 🙂

Airezen and crossed paws asked for human mum Van ’t Asbroek that everything goes very well on saturday! 🙂 ❤ Thank you! 🙂


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