Celebrity?… It stays in the family! ;-)

Nothing new, but I want to repeat it and tell you about it! I already mentioned my family is very famous. Lots of my aunties and uncles and my grandpa and my mummy are very famous airedale ladies and sirs. And about some of them, I already told you in particularly! Nobody, Desmond, Apollo (Pol for the friends) and my mummie Funnygirl…

Today I want to tell about another sir! He is my uncle! My grandfather Desmond is his father! Well: Harry van ’t Asbroek is quite a guy! One of his dads is a very famous person in Antwerp! Not only in Antwerp: he is known in the whole world, at least the fashion world. Because his dad is a very well known and succesful fashion designer. He works here and in Paris. Of course he is often interviewed. Now there is a very big exposition about his work here in Antwerp, so lots of interviews and articles about the famous man! 

AND this time there was an article and a very big picture in a magazine! Not only of the famous dad but also of Harry van ’t Asbroek, my uncle! Tell you!!! And guess what? Picture has been taken near our home! Mum made a pic of me at the same spot! So you can compare! I’m as proud as possible!

Is our family famous or not??? 🙂

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