Exhausting!!!… That’s what holidays are: exhausting!

Big news! I was on a holiday for two days at holiday mum’s place! Great days! My dogness! There were two other friends: bossy Jess and retriever Nugget! Bossy or not, I played a lot with Jess and a lot with Nugget too! 

No, mum, the orange pig already was in this condition, I only got the squeek out of the grey pig… and I was not alone to defluf it! Believe me! And Nugget and me changed bowls for dinner monday night! Liked her food but I got a little diarrhea of it, just a tiny bit. 😦 Next time we did not change bowls! 😉

And we slept on the couch, all together in one big tangle, holiday mum told so to my mum! Yes mum, I know: on the couch is just for holidays: not at home.

Oh yes, and we went to the tree-dogpark to see my old friends. I climbed in my tree only one time, I’m out of the tree-business, remember?!

Nugget and me tried to get in the birds house when holiday mum was there… No luck, we couldn’t! But we ran in and out the house, got sticks in and chewed on it… All the place ful of stick-pieces! And we did a lot of bitey face!!!! Listen, mum, we had lots of fun. When is next time? You don’t know yet? 😦

And now… need holidays to have some rest! In my own little house! 😉 Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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