She promised, my mum and… she did!

This is a very big fototoot! Remember my mum promised to go to the Scheldt with a long leash, so I could wet my paws in the river without mum falling and sliding down in the water too? Mum kept her promis! We went there twice! Once when tide was low, that’s what the promise was about and once when tide came in and was high! That’s to show you the difference! 😉 And for my pleasure of course.

Mum made a lot of pics: blinking box was in a very good mood. At least for the pictures, it did not want to film though. 😦 Mum, fans can imagine the film, can’t they, when they see how I climbed? I was in the stone-climbing-business which is more difficult than tree-climbing! I was acting as an acrobat, mum said… Think she was a bit afraid…

Dangerous acrobat!

What do you say mum? A dangerous fototoot? Not to repeat? Why not? I think it was exciting! 😉 But I agree: inspecting the bunker at high tide, we will not do it again! 😉 




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