Congratulations… to another grandpa!

Yes, I know, I’m talking a lot about my own grandpa Lennox! And I should because he is quit a fellow! 😉

But there are other grandpa’s in my family! There is my grand-uncle Apollo! My grandpa is  quit a fellow! But my grand-uncle Apollo is even more a special fellow!

First of all he is special because tomorrow it’s his birthday! He will be 13 years old. Some days he acts like a grandpa but most of the time, he rather acts as a very young dog! He looks young too! Nobody can guess his age when they try!

Then he also is special because of all the prices he won. I can’t remember all, that’s too difficult for me… but he did something very special: won all prices possible, in the same year! Mum says I come of a very famous family!!!

And he is special too because of his crazy actions. Half a year ago he was in the thriller-business, remember? He ate a ball and then the vet got him a zipper to get the ball out! 

We wonder what will be next… I’m curious!! 🙂 I’m a silent fan! 🙂

Congratulations to my grand-uncle! Grandpa says gggggggrrrrrrr too, Apollo! He says you’re welcome in the grandpa’s club! 😉

PS Pics are taken today! If you had to guess his age, you’d never say 13, I bet!! Hope my looks will be as good when I’m 13 years old… I am his lady-cousin!

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