“To boldly go… where no mum has gone before…”

Already two businesses (the hole-business and the runnig-business, remember?) and now I have a new job too! I’m an explorer these days, I really am! You can figure this out: I’m a rich lady these days! 🙂

There is that huge dogpark! Well, I have to explore it thoroughly! And I do report to my mum. What do you ask? Why can’t she explore too? That’s simple, no mum can go in certain places! You’ll see that in the pictures! 😉 But I enjoy this explorations and I run to mum to report when she uses the whistle-language. I can hear that where ever I am exploring! Be sure!

Fototoot is a bit bizarre because you will not see me too good… mum could not come, you see?!! 😉 But I am in every picture, except one! 🙂


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