Almost unbelievable… but true!

What? What do you say, grandpa? What are you saying?? ??????

You heard me all right, little one! I’m the one who is getting deaf here! 😉 So you heard me but I’ll repeat it word after word! I WENT YO YOUR DOGPARK AND I WAS IN IT!

You must be joking! The huge one?

Now you are joking, little one! No, I was in the small one. Last night when mum and you were already sleeping! Dad and me were walking and walking and the paws and bones were good so we went all the way to the small fenced dogpark! I even smelt you were there! And your friends Athos and Tilt!

But that is quit far for you, grandpa! Did you get home all right? Or did dad carry you back! 😉

Little one, listen very carefully! I’ll be carried to the bridge one day but in this life, when I choose to go to the dogpark I’m proud enough to come back on my own paws and force too! And don’t giggle!

Hihihi, yes I giggle: that’s why you still slept this morning although your breakfast was ready! 😉 🙂 Mum had to wake you! Never saw that before! hihihihihihihi…


Stop it you two! A sir and a lady behaving like babies! 😉



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