Fototoot… for far away workaholics… :-)

Mum, why do you want to make a fototoot? We see all this twice a day, at least. That’s nothing special! What? Is it special for far away friends? Oh, we make this fototoot for the far-away-friend who gave me my duck? He has a lot of work to do and we want to cheer him up a bit? Okay, I’m ready! There we go!

Mum, will he recognize all these buildings from so far away? When he was in Belgium last time, we were near the buildings, remember? Maybe we should go there for the fototoot?

No? Is this better? Okay, we walk and we toot! 🙂 And no, I will not pull you in the river Scheldt, I won’t.

Stop pulling! Tide is high!

But it smells interesting here! 😉

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