No crisis in my business! … Starting a second one!

After I took the important decision to go out off the tree-business and start the hole-business, I noticed that I’m quit good in doing business! And I like it too!

Every morning, in my huge dogpark, I inspect the holes, of course! Here and there I do some adjustments too, of course!

But then I noticed another thing! I could start a second business, even more rewarding! 😉 I’m now in the running-business too since yesterday! And I earn a lot! No, not money, silly! I earn treats! 🙂

If I run quickly and very far, my mum calls me, or makes that movement to make me come or whistles me and I hurry myself as quick as I can to her! She loves that, no, she adores me coming to her, all smiling and happy! And then!!!! I get payed! These days business goes very well, because I’m in the dried chicken payments! 🙂 My favorites!
What does she say? I’m a spoiled doggie? Please, mum, I’m a spoiled LADY! And I don’t care I get a little less breakfast after all that chicken… Who cares about that??? Oh yes, grandpa would! 😉

See for yourself: I’m a real business-lady!! 🙂


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