How’s grandpa Lennox doing?… Just have a look! :-)

So many friends from Belgium and all over the world were asking: “And how is grandpa Lennox doing these days?”

Well, I said to mum we should show how he is doing! No, not while he is eating, he is an Olympic champ , and in sleeping he is a champ too! That’s boring. Grandpa, we’re making a video of you, what do you think about that?

Don’t like that little one, you know it. Get out of my way. I’m doing my walk. Get aside, will you!!

Grandpa, don’t be so grumpy. You are famous because of your age! 15 years and three months, for a labrador, that’s old, very old! really very, very old! And my friends want to know about you!

Little one, don’t repeat it all the time, I know it better than you do that I’m old! My old bones tell me! 😦

Yes, mum, we made it! He is in the blinking box! You show it at my friends now?

Yes, Kita, yes!

Get out of my way

Get out of my way, little one!


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