Citylady… goes in the bush too!

Dear Bracken (and Teazle),

Well, I do not have the habit to write to friends, I’m too busy for that. But sometimes, I make an exception!

Mum often shows me pictures of you and Teazle going after the bunnies! That is fun! And then, there was that time that your sissie Teazle stayed away…And your mum and dad needed you, didn’t they…? Having a little sister can be difficult, isn’t it?

There are times we, that means only I nowadays, we can run after bunnies in the wild too. About 1 km of our home there is this big place! In a part of it, only doggies can go, humans cannot go, they are too big! 😉 Hahaha. One day, more than a year ago, the française (Lizzie, my sissie) was lost there too! I was telling about it, I think, here on my storypage! I had to help my poor parents too, barking her to come! Since that moment she can only run free on the beach. She is such a rascall! Dad and mum want to see her all the time! 😉 🙂

Mum made a little film of me in the bush, and some pictures… She says she is not a photographer as your dad is, but it shows a little bit. I had fun that day: mum was acting like a dog to be able to film me, hahaha. Luckily she is not too big so she can make herself quite small too! 🙂 🙂 Hahahahaha

Hope you will have some fun with it! And then I wish you all the best, and: have fun you, girls!

Big hugs to you (and your parents) down under, as we say here!

Kita van ’t Asbroek


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