Real photographer!.. Real fototoot!

A real, real fototoot! Yes, yes!

A photoshoot, Kita, a photoshoot!

Okay, mum, a real fototoot by a real photographer!
So, this weekend we went to the seaside! Me and my grandpa Lennox love walking and running on the beach! Yes, grandpa did run a bit! The golden pills do a good job! Anyway, we were on the beach… Me and mum we always arrive first at the waterline at low tide, I run faster then my grandpa who stays with dad.
There was a man on the beach with a big box, making pics. I was running to him… and he made a picture with this big thing! Mum and he were talking, he told he has a storybook too on the tv-typing-machine! Just as I have! And he is the dad of Phaido, who was not on the beach with him! 😦 What a pity!

He also promised to send the pic to my mum! And he did! Just have a look at this great pic of me! He wrote in his story that I’m a nice doggie (leuk hondje), just have a look!  Go see 24-01-2014.
And he made a second picture, too! With a special eye!

A special camera lens, Kita!!!

Okay, the tele-eye made a picture of the four of us! That’s special! If you look very well, you can see that mum was taking pics with the blinking thing… Show you those tomorrow! Today the real ones!! 😉

Thank you, Phaido-dad!!

    • Hello mister Pol, no you and the big box didn’t scare me at all! I’m used to fototoots… Mum says she also should be pleased to have such a good fototoot-box as yours! See you and Phaido on the beach! 🙂 Hugs, Kita

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