Refining… my climbing skills!

So we are back to normal life and I go to the dogpark every day. But sometimes there are no doggiefriends to play with because we go early! Mum has to go to work, you see!

Then I look for other activities, of course. I’m not of the inactive type of dog, as you already might know… So, I thought I could concentrate on refining my climbing skills. Every aire-lady can always be better in things, can’t she?

Near my tree in the dogpark there is another tree. Branches are more narrow then those of my tree. But I’m good in climbing, so I can go up there! 

Yes, I can! 🙂

But I have a worried mum, she worries too much. When I’m too far away, she whistles…When I climb too high… well, I have to come down! To narrow, she says, you cannot turn back on that tree. (She knows I’m not the jumping type… 😦 ). For once, I listened and tried to turn before to go higher.
I don’t like to admit, just like that, but… she was right: difficult to turn on that branch… so I walked back to my old tree. Grandpa Lennox said: you see, sometimes it’s better to listen! Ggggrrrrrr, he too?!!!!

Mum thought she was filming! Hahahahahaha… Oh no, she only has pics! Hahahahahaha!

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