I love these… Pagan traditions

This was really an exciting evening! Why? Me and mum, we went to a fire and to fireworks! Dad and grandpa Lennox did not come with us, because… now you will laugh as I did… well because my big grandpa Lennox, a real macho in his younger years (that’s what he always says), well my grandpa is afraid of fireworks! Can you believe that? 😉

Mum says I don’t have to laugh, that I have enough overseas and Belgian doggiefriends who are afraid of fireworks! She says: I told you about Gus, didn’t I? You did send him lots of goods on FaceBook, lady! Ohoh, I forgot… 😦

Anyway we saw the fireworks, lots of colours in the dark sky. They appeared and then disappeared again. Why do they disappear if it’s that nice? Sometimes the world has those silly things… And of course there was the noise… Lots of doggies were barking… This lady did not! Many, many people came to see it.
After the fireworks, there was that real fire! Mum, look at that! Hundreds of christmas trees on a pile, they are burning! Call the firefighters! What do you say? They are already here? And they start the big fire?? See what I mean: silly world we live in!
Can tell you that this fire was big and warm!!! Mum explained this is a very old Pagan tradition to say hello to the New Year. Looked it up, it’s quit a story! Ans in these days it’s not good for the environment, it’s not ecological… Maybe that’s true but I like this Pagan way of doing… 😉 Maybe because I’m an airedale lady? 😉

Mum made pics… very difficult in the dark… :-(, but I wanted to prove my scared macho grandpa it is safe, all this fire-things, Pagan or not! 😉

In Dutch:


In English:





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