Morning walks with… grandpa Lennox!

Within 2 weeks it’s my birthday! I will be three years old! Exactly 4 months later – that’s every year like that, he says – it’s my grandpa Lennox’s birthday! He will be 15 years old then! Yes, you read it very good! 15 years old!

He says he’s old now… there’s a lot he can not do anymore… he does not go up or down the stairs, he does not climb trees (never did that – haha!), he does not jump in and out the car anymore, he does not jump on and off the couch, he does not surf on the counter (never did, he says!), he does not play roughly anymore, he does not run fast anymore (and he was a great runner!!)… he sleeps a lot…

BUT he makes four walks everyday, his tail always wagging (and breaking glasses sometimes at home)! And I learned a lot of him! I learned to read the daily newspaper and be informed about the actuality in the dogpark and the neighbourhood. I learned how to smell and know danger. He thought me where to find moles! I learned how to pee like a guy – still do it sometimes altough it is not lady-like. He thought me how to ask for a treat, and that’s his best “art”. He thought me  to respect mum and dad and to listen to them… (what I do, at least most of the time). I learned not to touch his food, he is a labrador, you know! I learned to guard the house and bark when someone’s at the door (he does not do that anymore). I learned that I can play with him untill he’s tired and then I have to stop teasing him…

He learned me to be happy with and thankful  for all the good things that come my way… just like he is, still is, despite his age, despite his hyp displasia, despite his osteoarthritis and despite his kidneyproblems… He says he is thankfull he has no pain. Although he sees and hears less then before, he is still curious and interested in everything.

I asked mum to make a film of his morning walk, so you can see my grandpa Lennox!! Of course I am in it too, could not be without me of course! 😉 🙂


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