Grandpa?… He did it again!

Yes, he did it again! He scared us! Only two days after mum was filming his morning walk, well, on tuesday afternoon, it happened. He could not get up, my grandpa Lennox! When dad helped him, he could stand and then, there he did lie down again!
I was in a little panic! How is that possible??? My grandpa could not walk anymore! 😦

Mum and dad called the people in the green clothes and grandpa could go and see them immediatly! Returning, he said something about a fototoot. Oh, my dogness, and he does not like fototoots! What? Pictures on a light? More Osteoarthritis? No cancer? What’s that all about?? He also explained that he got two injections! One for feeling better and one for feeling stronger, he says he got anabolic steroids. I don’t understand a word of what he says, grandpa. Think something went wrong with his head too at the green clothes’s clinic… 😦

Listen, girl, you will not be the only famous one! I’m going to be invited by Oprah Winfrey. 

Opera? Singing dogs? And you will be invited? You don’t like noise!

Silly Kita! These are stupid questions. You really know nothing of the real world, don’t you? The green clothes – by the way: the vet, my dear – well she gave me an injection with “doping”. And then you are invited by a very famous tv-journalist, she is called Oprah Winfrey!

Oh, is it only that… Pfff! And when can you walk again? I think that is more important…


Next day mum went to the pharmacist, the nice and very smart guy! He is Kyra’s dad! Anyway, mum had a paper to get pills, expensive pills, she said! Kyra’s dad called them golden pills. Yesterday, at noon, grandpa ate a golden pill! It was just white!! Crazy things, they are talking about here, these days!

And then, the miracle happened! Three hours after the golden (white) pill, my grandpa was walking again, on his own! He was even hungry! After dinner he went out with dad, as usual… not as far as usual and not to the dogpark, but he walks again!

Already told you, little one! Need a tornado to blow me off to the Bridge!!! 😉

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